We asked people in the UK that had been impacted by a property chain break in the last 3 years what was the reason for their break

Tuesday 9th August 2022




They were gazumped


Issue unveiled in the property survey


Someone in the chain had a change of heart

We asked…

What was the reason for your property chain breaking in the last 3 years?

Multiple Choice Answers(Randomly shuffled for each respondent) Answers % Count
19.97% 120
They were gazumped
19.13% 115
Issue unveiled in the property survey
14.98% 90
Someone in the chain had a change of heart
11.15% 67
The seller of the property you wanted to purchase not being able to find a property
10.32% 62
Change in circumstances: You had a life event such as illness, redundancy or divorce
8.82% 53
Your buyer failing to obtain a mortgage on your property
6.49% 39
Gazundered: Your buyer reduced their offer to you prior to exchange.
3.99% 24
Legal paperwork taking too long and you lost interest in the property you wanted to buy
3.99% 24
1.16% 7

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A randomised sample of 601 respondents aged 18+ throughout the UK’s 68,592,949 population (worldometer)

95% confidence. 4% margin of error. Dated: 29.06.22

Source: Finbri Survey

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